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Looking for a resort which is not very far from the city, yet in the lap of Mother Nature? CROWN OF PANSHET is your answer!! As the name itself suggests, this homely resort is on the back waters of Panshet Dam, just an hour’s drive from Pune! CROWN OF PANSHET is an evergreen and everfresh resort. It has its very own calm and serene view of the back waters and scenic surroundings. It is a treat for eyes and mind in every season. The otherwise scorching hot summers are extremely pleasant here. One can enjoy fresh cool breeze throughout the day and night. During monsoons, as the water-filled clouds come down to kiss the hilltops, the atmosphere becomes magical! A natural waterfall develops in the estate! Isn’t that amazing? Winters have their own charm too as one can witness the whole shimmering dam water enveloped in mist.

CROWN OF PANSHET is Affiliated with MTDC & Agri Tourism

What does CROWN OF PANSHET offer to its guests?

  • CROWN OF PANSHET is Affiliated with MTDC & Agri Tourism.

  • Unique Location- Less than 50kms from Pune city, a one hour drive. Ideal location for Photography lovers, Bird watchers, Star Gazers and Trekkers.

  • Comfortable accommodation- Different choices of accommodations are available. We offer Luxury Home, as well as hut stay and tent stay for the more adventurous kind.

  • Sumptuous and healthy food prepared in Maharashtrian style.

  • Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food is offered on the menu.

  • Huge play area for kids.

  • Rain Dance during the day. Campfire at nights.

  • Absolutely tailor-made for all kinds of family functions, get togethers,Birthday parties, Anniversaries, etc.

  • A conference hall specially built to cater to corporate trainings and fun games.

  • Ample parking area with street lights.

  • Places of attraction like the Shirkai Devi Temple, Fort Torna, Fort Rajgad, Panshet Dam, Varasgaon Dam are in close proximity.

Hectic daily routine has become our life today. One aspires for a calm and peaceful break once in a while. CROWN OF PANSHET is the one-stop destination for that perfect relaxation. Its picturesque location, rural set-up, comfortable design, ambience, wide open space, scenic views, landscape gardens are all looking forward to welcome you with open arms. Come and indulge yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature. We promise that you will go back rejuvenated and refreshed like never before. At CROWN OF PANSHET you will experience something that you will cherish fondly for a long time.

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